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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Pay?
  Can I pay through my PayPal account?  
  Can I purchase your music from other retail stores?  
  Can you directly bill me for my purchases?  
  How long does it take to set up a direct billing account?  
  What do I do after I submit my order to  
  What types of payment do you accept?  

What about the License?
  Can I make copies of the score & parts?  
  Can I record a Jon Ross Music publication and use it as a fundraiser?  
  What is a (Compulsory) Mechanical License? Why do I need it?  
  What is the difference between music in pdf format and traditional printing?  
  Will the scores I print be considered originals for the purposes of judging at a festival?  

How to Download?
  How do I download my PDF music?  
  How long does it take to get the pass codes to the music?  

How to Hear a Recording?
  What do I do to hear your recordings?  

How to See a Score?
  What do I do to look at a score?  

How to Contact Us?
  Can I participate in the forums if I'm not logged in?  
  Do you have a phone number I can call if I need help?  
  How do I contact Jon Ross Music?  
  I just found an error in one of your publications, where do I report it?  
  If I find an error in some of your music, will you correct it?  
  What are your normal business hours?  
  What is your Privacy Policy concerning private customer information?  
  Why should I participate in the Forums? What information can I find there?  
  Why should I read the BLOG? How often should I check it?  

What about Submissions?
  How can I submit some of my music for possible publication?