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Repro License


M      U      S      I       C

Electronic Document Reproduction License

AGREEMENT between Jon Ross Music acting on behalf of Publisher as Subpublisher or as the Primary Publisher of this Composition (hereinafter referred to as "Licensor") and the Purchaser of this non-exclusive, limited license (hereinafter referred to as "Licensee").

1.  All rights, including intellectual property rights, inherent in copyright remain the sole property of the Publisher and are protected by all International and United States Copyright laws and treaties.

2.  All music offered by Licensor will be presented in the PDF (portable document format) electronic format.  The music offered in these electronic documents is Licensed to the Licensee and is not sold.  There is no transfer of ownership of the copyright or the electronic document to the Licensee.

3.  Licensor allows the Licensee to print copies of the PDF music documents as needed for non-commercial use in quantities sufficient to provide a copy for each musician in the ensemble for which it is composed.  The copies may be non-commercially used personally, by public performing ensembles, school musical ensembles, individuals for private study or in teaching music.

4.  Licensor grants the right to public performance but does not allow Licensee to share, lend, transfer or sell this license for the PDF music to any other party.   Failure to comply with this provision will constitute copyright infringement and will terminate this agreement immediately upon discovery.

5.  Any reproduction of the composition must include the copyright notice on the title page of every part or score.

6.  The Licensee may not electronically transfer, by email, FTP (file transfer protocol), file sharing on a central computer network or any new file transfer technology yet to be discovered,  an electronic copy of the licensed PDF music file nor share the printed copies in a central library for use by multiple schools or institutions.  The license is intended for use by one performance group, school or "individual" only.

7.  Licensee may record any PDF format music offered by Jon Ross Music upon completion of the Compulsory Mechanical License Agreement included in the PDF file and payment of the current minimum license fee due (based on minimum fee for 500 recorded copies).  The current license fee rates will be posted on the website.  The licensee may then include the licensed music on a commercial, fundraising or educational recording for sale.

9.  The Licensee will be held legally responsible for any infringement of copyright which occurs as a result of Licensee's failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement.   This agreement will be considered terminated if the Licensee fails to comply with any of the terms or conditions of the agreement.  

10.  This agreement shall be construed only under the laws of the State of Arkansas.  If any part of this agreement shall be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the balance of this agreement.  The parties specifically agree that any action to interpret or enforce any provision of this agreement shall be filed in Clay County, Arkansas.

11.  This agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the respective parties hereto, their respective successors in interest, legal representatives and assigns, and represents the entire understanding between the parties.


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