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How to Contact Us? : Why should I participate in the Forums? What information can I find there?
Imagine walking into the lobby of a traditional music publishing company and asking “could I just shoot the breeze with some of your editors, executives, staff composers…oh and while you’re at it, other customers that have bought the same music I have?” That would likely never happen, but with our forums area, that is EXACTLY what you get. The forums discuss topics like the basics of composing and arranging, tips and tricks for Finale, rules for music notation and even commissioning our writers.

There’s also a forum dedicated solely to general music education discussion. Use that folder to talk about anything you like regarding the teaching of music. The forums are there for you to get and offer help, vent frustrations, recharge your batteries or just let some free time (rare in our profession) pass. To use the forums, all you have to do is login, either as a Premier Customer or through a regular account.